Lexye Aversa will conceive, orchestrate and emcee your event!
Click to Lexye's article "The Masque-tique of Venice" in Palm Beach Woman Magazine!
PASSION SEA, publication supporting the waters of our planet, edited by Lexye Aversa
Lexye can arrange Franco Corso, the Voice of Romance, to perform for your Event, Wedding, Gala, Corporate Gathering or Private Party!
Lexye Aversa Launches 

Community Charity Cultural Corporate Cosmic Connections Collaborations

Events * Extravaganzas * Entertainment * Philanthropy * Production * Publicity

Call upon Lexye's expertise to orchestrate your next event,
community campaign, PR promotion, or philanthropic project.
Engage her as dynamic host to emcee or facilitate any gathering,
compose articles, press releases or create fund-raising promotions.
Would your own Presentation Style benefit from a "Make-Over"?
Call upon the talents of Lexye Aversa as your "charisma coach"! 

And, LEX Talk about YOUR Venture.... 
whether marketing a new product or paradigm,
forging your footprint in untapped territory, 
expanding business horizons, conducting a trade mission overseas
yearning for a European estate or Italian palazzo to acquire,
or for "Whatever" sizzles on your hopes & dreams horizon,
LexAventures will make the connections 
that culminate in harmony for YOUR objectives! 

If you miss her radio shows
LEX Travel & Living in Palm Beach County,
stay tuned for Lexye's new media content:
LEX Talk! 
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